10 Mac Tricks All Mac Users Should Know

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If you’re a Mac user, there are some tasks you might think are just hard to find or do on your Mac, but hopefully these tricks should help you. These are some Mac tricks that you should know, if you’re a Mac User.


1. Merge Finder Windows Into One

If the amount of Finder windows you have open is becoming a bit hard to manage in terms of screen real estate, simple hit the “Window” menu item at the top menu bar and click “Merge All Windows”. Now all your Finder windows should be merged together in one window, and separated by tabs.


2. Simple Calculator in Spotlight Search

Ever wanted a faster way to do a simple calculation than swiping over to the dashboard every time? Just bring up spotlight search and start typing your question (eg. 7+10), and spotlight search will automatically give you the answer.


3. Change Volume Without Sound

If you’re tired of hearing the sound effect everytime you change the volume on your Mac, and you don’t want to go into the settings just to remove the sound, simple hold the SHIFT button while changing the volume for it to do so silently. However, with OS X Yosemite, it’s the other way around. Changing the volume normally is silent, while holding the SHIFT button and doing so, will produce the sound effect.


4. Change The Default Application for Opening a File

To change the default application for opening a file on Mac OS X, after right clicking on the file, hold the OPTION key and the “open with” option will change to “Always Open With”.


5. Quickly Hide Background Apps

If you’re working in a window, but all the other windows in the background are distracting you, hold COMMAND+OPTION+H and the background windows should disappear, giving you the ability to work without any distractions.


6. Boot Up Mac Silently

Were you ever in a meeting or classroom and wanted to start up your Mac silently, but the boot sound is as loud as ever? Hold POWER+F10 to boot up the machine silently.


7. Deleting Files Quickly

If you’re a new Mac user coming from Windows, you might be a bit confused by how the delete button works. However, to quickly delete files, highlight the file and hold COMMAND+DELETE. This will automatically send the file to the trash.


8. Delete Text Left to Right

On Windows, deleting text using the backspace key would delete it like normal, while pressing the delete button would delete text left to right. If you would like to do this on Mac, simply hold the FN button while hitting the DELETE key to delete from left to right.


9. Hide The Dock

There are always those times when you wish you could quickly minimize the dock to have a bit more space on the screen, but going into the settings to do so is just too much for a task so simple. to quickly hide the dock on Mac OS X, hold COMMAND+OPTION+D. To bring back the dock, do the exact same command.


10. Screenshot of Selected Area

You might be familiar with holding COMMAND+SHIFT+3 to take a screenshot, but if you just want a certain area on the screen, you can acheive it without having to take a normal screenshot and cropping the image. Hold COMMAND+SHIFT+4 and a crosshair will appear on the screen. From there, you can drag to highlight where you want to take a screenshot of. Once the area is highlighted, it will automatically take the screenshot and store it to the default location.


Hopefully these simple Mac tricks will boost your productivity in general while using OS X. If you found these useful, feel free to share!


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