5 Tech YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching (2016)

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Everyone knows the big guns like MKBHD, Austin Evans, LinusTechTips and all the accompanying large tech YouTube Channels, but there are definitely some smaller channels that produce outstanding and extremely creative content in the tech arena.

These channels don’t just rely on sharp and crisp shots put together to create an overall product, but also put a lot of effort and creativity into their end products (videos). Before getting into the list, if you haven’t checked out, or don’t know about this website’s official YouTube Channel, you can check it out at Youtube.com/t3chsmash and feel free to hit that subscribe button if you like what you see!

For this list, you can pretty much keep in mind the phrase “Perfection is a Necessity”, since that fits every single one perfectly.

Without any further ado, here a 5 Tech YouTube Channels you should be watching, but probably aren’t.


1. Ash Tailor 

Ash Tailor definitely provides some amazing videos that can even sometimes make you forget you’re watching a review on a tech channel. This channel literally steps up the game for YouTube Tech Channels you’re pretty much sure to leave every single video wowed! (If that’s even a word)


2. Austin Nwachukwu

This is one of the channels you’d expect to have a few hundred thousand subscribers, and it’s only when you look at the subscriber count you realize it’s way below what it deserves! Creativity, perfect shots and an awesome personality is what you’ll find here.


3. Canoopsy

If you’re looking for extremely beautiful shots, crisp audio, epic voice and not just high quality videos but high quality content as well, you should definitely check this channel out. And just like the rest on the list, creativity is an understood aspect of all videos. You won’t be disappointed!


4. TeQreation

This channel will more than likely wow you with every single video as well. In line with every other channel in this list, from just watching one video you can see the hard work, effort and care that was put into it. This is one of those channels that goes that extra mile to stand out and be creative.


5. OT4Tech

Ever felt like you’re watching movie, only to realize a short while after that it was actually a tech review? …No? That’s because you probably never saw a video from this guy! Some seriously awesome videos with high standards can be found on this channel. Amazing shots, beautiful color grading and high quality content is expected with every single upload.

I hope you guys enjoy the content from these guys if you check them out. If you think anyone was left out from this list, feel free to leave it in a comment below. You may now go to all the listed channels above and enjoy!

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