6 Amazon Best-Selling Items You Should Buy RIGHT NOW

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If a lot of people keep buying something, that means it should be pretty awesome right? And who doesn’t like awesome stuff? Here are some reasonably priced Amazon Best-Selling items you should definitely check out!


1. CABLEX Bluetooth Receiver

61sSL95Fz1L._SL1000_So this is essentially marketed for use in a vehicle so you can make calls hands-free etc. However, because of the way this device works and what it does, you can easily use it to turn any normal wired audio gadget into a wireless one!

Instead of plugging it into your car’s aux port, remove the plug and connect your headphones and boom..you now have wireless headphones. Same goes for speakers and any other audio devices that accept an input via 3.5mm port, and for under $15, it’s a no brainer. amazon-buy-button_2


2. NoiseHush NX80 Earphones


Expensive earphones are great and usually sound so clear you’ll feel like if your ears took Claritin. But here’s the thing – they get misplaced extremely easily, which means having a nice cheap pair for when you’re out and about will allow you to be careless.

If you’re going somewhere safe, take your expensive ones – but if you’re going on some sort of trip or adventure or just feeling like being careless, take these, and if you lose them it’ll be no problem since this is another steal at under $15!



3. Samsung Evo 32GB Micro SD Card


81Yudd7iCCL._SL1500_Whether you think you need it or not, you probably need it. There’s always use for a Micro SD Card so it’s good to have one laying around even if not in use at a specific time.

Whether it be in your smartphone, GoPro, or in an adapter in an OTG cable, you should grab it at this price to be safe. 32GB under $12 isn’t a bad deal!





4, WizGear Magnetic Car Mount

71Po6I1PQ9L._SL1452_If you’re a frequent driver, there’s a serious need to own a car mount. However, most usually go on your windscreen or dashboard.

If you want something minimal and easily removable, you can check this tiny little magnetic car mount that easily slips into your AC vent and magnetically grabs on to the piece applied to your smartphone.




5. Anker 10,000mAh Power Bank

3123oEVr5JLJust like the Micro SD Card, whether you think you need it or not, more power is always better than no extra power.

10,000mAh is a lot for under $25 and can easily charge most devices up to 3 times or even more. If you’re carrying this thing on you, you won’t feel the need to conserve your usage.




6. OOTZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

712YnPWCEkL._SL1001_I currently use the Angle 2 bluetooth speaker and it really does pack a punch for being under $30. 

The audio is crisp, bass is impressively surprising and it’s built like a tank. It gives you what you would normally expect in any bluetooth speaker, and is something you should really grab if you’re looking for one.




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