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All of T3CHSMASH’s visitors are here specifically for technology and currently, most are from Trinidad and Tobago. If you/your business/your company provide technology related items, the benefit of advertising on T3CHSMASH is that ALL viewers will be potential customers due to their interest in technology, unlike general websites where a certain percentage will be interested in your ads.


For the available Ad slots described below, payments are accepted physically in TT currency, or via PayPal in US currency. However, due to PayPal fees, the US price will be slightly higher than if paid physically in TT currency.


There are 5 ad slots available on T3CHSMASH.

The first 3 slots are prominently displayed on the home page of T3CHSMASH as shown below.



One of these slots cost $500TT/Month and will be prominently displayed on the home page 100% of the time, once paid for. If paying via PayPal, one of these Ad slots will cost $100US/Month. If however, purchased for a 6 month period up front, the cost will be less than if paid monthly.

  • Physical Payment in TT – $500/Month | 6 Month purchase up front – $2700.00TT
  • Payment Via PayPal in US – $100US/Month | 6 Month purchase up front – $550US



The remaining 2 Ad slots are on the sidebar of every post on T3CHSMASH. These ads have a higher chance of being clicked as they will be displayed while the user is on the page reading. Examples of these ads are shown below.

sidebar ad

These Ad slots are higher in value as they are seen more than the home page Ads. One of these Ad slots cost $650TT/Month. If paying in US currency via PayPal, this Ad slot will cost $110US/Month.

  • Physical Payment in TT – $650/Month | 6 Month Purchase Up Front $3600TT
  • Payment via Paypal in US – $110US/Month | 6 Month Purchase Up Front – $610US


Wondering how much people your ads will be displayed to?

Currently, T3CHSMASH is on it’s way to hitting over 10,000 visitors per month, most of which reside in the country of Trinidad and Tobago.



  • All payments must be completed BEFORE the Ad goes live
  • All Ads currently available are 250×250 blocks
  • If you do not have a 250×250 graphic for your company/business, one can be created for you FREE of charge.


If you are interested in advertising here, you can contact T3CHSMASH by any of the following means:

1. Send an email

Send an email to with the following format

NAME: (Your Name)

CONTACT NUMBER: (Your Contact Number)

EMAIL ADDRESS: (Your Email Address)

NAME OF BUSINESS: (Your Business Name)

AD TYPE: (The type of Ad slot you are interested in [Ad slot 1-3 or Ad slot 4-5])


After reviewing the email, T3CHSMASH will contact you promptly to communicate.


2. Facebook Page

Go to T3CHSMASH’s Facebook Page which can be found at

Like the page and send a message.

Once your message is received, we will communicate further.


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