Is The Apple Watch Going To Disappoint?

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Dope or Nope?

For a smartwatch, lower than typical “watch battery life” is understandable due to the functionality that they offer. The Pebble smartwatch has been existing even before the announcement of Apple Watch and even before Android Wear devices and offers battery life up to 7 days. When compared to a normal watch, a 7 day battery life seems really bad, but when compared to other smartwatches like Android Wear devices which provide 2-3 days battery life per charge, 7 days of battery life per charge sounds like a lot.

The reason the Pebble Smartwatch can outperform most other smartwatches in this category is due to it’s E ink display, while the other smartwatches usually have LCD displays. Both watch types (Pebble, Android Wear) provide the same basic functionality; notifications on your wrist. However, the way in which those notifications are brought to you, and the actions you can take on them may differ.

Due to some reports, Apple revealed that the Apple Watch will need to be recharged on a nightly basis. Those reports from an unnamed source speaking to 9to5Mac goes on to state that Apple is aiming for 2.5 hours of heavy usage, 3.5 hours of standard usage and 4 hours of fitness tracking per charge. This can still be a bit understandable, but where it gets somewhat concerning is the fact that they also say the Apple Watch will only be able to display the clock face for 3 hours per day. As for the rest of the time, the display will be off.

Other sources say that Apple is aiming for 19 hours of mixed usage, 3 days in standby and 4 days in sleep mode. However, they also said that Apple may not be able to hit those numbers on the first generation of the Apple Watch.

When I first saw the design of the Apple Watch, my first impression was that it didn’t look aesthetically pleasing to the eye when compared to devices like the Moto 360, and after all a watch IS a fashion accessory. However, I thought that due to this, they probably spent a lot of time optimising the Operating System as well as the battery life to give it an edge over the competition.

Of course these numbers and claims are in no way 100% verified since the device doesn’t exist as yet so we have no choice but to wait. My main concern however, is that if the design doesn’t compete with the others (in my opinion), and the battery life doesn’t…then what will? My hope is that the features offered by the OS will give it an advantage over the competing devices.

With all this said, whether the battery life is 1 day or 1 month, Apple Watch sales will more than likely be really high, considering it’s the official Apple Watch exclusive to iOS devices that offers the functionality which Android Wear devices offer for Android devices.

What do you think? Is the Apple Watch going to disappoint or impress?

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