Can A Budget Phone Suffice?

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Almost all of us currently use our smartphones daily. However, while we are all tech enthusiasts, there are normal people out there who just want a smartphone to be able to keep up with their social networks, emails and maybe some small games. With the price of flagship devices being $500 and above (excluding the OnePlus 2 and some others), can a budget phone really suffice?

Firstly, it all depends on the user. For example, what do you need from a smartphone? Personally, I would need a solid user experience, decent battery life, lots of development support for custom roms and all of that good stuff while someone else might just need their device to work perfectly out of the box and not even care about custom roms.

To start deciding whether a budget phone can suffice, we have to take into consideration the options right now, mainly, the Moto G, Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and the Asus Zenfone 2. All of these devices are in a close price range and they offer different experiences. On one hand, the Moto G offers an almost stock Android look and feel whereas both the Idol and Zenfone have skinned versions of Android. The specs vary on all, and while the Moto G is probably at the bottom of the list, it by no means say that it offers a bad experience because we all know, specs aren’t everything.


In fact, without any hands on experience with either, I can without a doubt say that I might prefer the Moto G over the rest because of it’s software experience. Due to the fact that it’s running an almost pure version of Android, means that there’s no bloatware or unecessary applications that come pre-installed on the device or anything to hog resources.


However, both the Zenfone 2 and the Idol 3 takes it up a notch with their 1080p displays and better processors. While you definitely won’t get that pure Android experience on either, you’ll get a bit more performance at the cost of slightly less battery life due to the 1080p displays. The Zenfone 2 sports an intel Atom CPU and up to 4GB Ram which is nothing short of impressive at this price range.


The Idol 3 sports an 8 core Snapdragon 615 CPU with 2GB RAM. Although, something that makes the Idol 3 stand out among these to me personally is inclusion of it’s front firing speakers. Something we’ve grown to love on the HTC One series is here on this device.

All of these budget phones mentioned here are around the $250 range and definitely offers a really solid experience. While you won’t necessarily get flagship performance or anything crazy, it will most likely more than good enough for daily use. For general use, keeping up with your social networks and emails, you should have absolutely no problems with any of these budget phones.

If you have a budget of this range, these 3 devices are possibly your best choices right now. For a quick comparison of how a budget phone stacks up against a flagship, feel free to check out the video below by OT4TECH comparing the 2015 Moto G with the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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