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When I was about to enter the online world with my Websites, YouTube channel, Android Apps, Blog and more, there were some questions that I had to do ALOT of searching to get answers for. This inspired me to create this list to make it easier on other people getting in to the same field. This list will be updated frequently and I hope you find some of these useful. Here are some cool stuff you can check out [some are not tech related]. (The first one is the most asked question I get)

All links open in a new tab/window so don’t be afraid to lose your spot on the list by clicking one.


#1. Getting Paid Online (Payoneer)

Getting paid online is easy with Payoneer. They send a credit/debit card on your name to your house free of charge regardless of your location. The cost of this card is $29US/Year, but this is only taken when you have that amount on the card available to pay. After signing up for Payoneer, you will have a bank account with “Bank of America”, and will be able to link to a Paypal account and send and receive payments online.

Click Here to sign up for Payoneer for FREE 

(If you use the above link you will receive a $25US bonus after you make your first $100US.


#2. Making Money Online (One way of many..if you are interested and want to see more on this topic feel free to comment or send me a message)

Want to learn how to make money online? There is a program that teaches you how to use Amazon and Ebay to make a monthly income for yourself that you can actually live off of. If you are interested in this, go to the following link:

Click Here to check out this program

BEWARE: If you join this program and Ebay calls you for confirmation and you give them wrong information they WILL suspend you account indefinitely. (Sources: Experience)

If you are interested in joining this program, after joining be sure to look at ALL the training videos before getting started.


#3. Web Hosting

We’ll get to why you might need this a little lower down on the list. BlueHost offers great hosting at a very reasonable price. They have high ratings and are known very good for the quality of service they provide.

Click Here to check out BlueHost


#4. Learning the basics of building a website.

Starting from the basics, (HTML) this website offers totally free mini lessons divided into chapters, that teaches you how to start building websites from scratch.

Click Here to visit W3Schools

Enjoy 🙂


#5. Apps developed by me. (And one other website)

I never mentioned on my blog or YouTube channel that I have three (3) apps on Google Play.

Two of these apps apply specifically to Trinidad and Tobago, while one can be used worldwide.

Trinidad and Tobago

Click here if you are a Digicel customer (Digicodes)

Click here if you are a Bmobile customer(Bmocodes)


Click here to check out my Flappy Bird re-make. (BirdiePirdie)

PS. Thanks for the downloads 😀

I also created a blog about the upcoming series called “How I Met Your Dad”. Click Here to check it out.


#6. Other YouTube Tech Channels


Austin Evans


Unbox Therapy


Flossy Carter


#7. Need some Royalty Free music? (INCOMPETECH)

Here you go


#8. Want to hack Facebook simple and easy?

Here you go


#9. Check out this other really cool Trinidadian Tech blogger/reviewer!

Click here to check out


#10. Do you play golf?

Click here to check out the Ultimate Golf Zone. (Another website based in Trinidad and Tobago)


#11 Sports Drills For Kids

Click here to get some really useful and fun sports drills for kids.


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