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When coming to smartphones, value for money wasn’t much of an expectancy a while back when you consider the price of an iPhone or a flagship Android device went into the $600-$700+ price range. The thought of good specifications for a low price was nothing short of a dream.

Fast forward a little while later and things have changed drastically. It all started with devices like the OnePlus One, and then the larger companies started following as they saw the sales possibilities (no idea how they didn’t notice that before).

With all of these really good devices available, what are some of your best choices? As of now (early January, 2016) in no specific order, here are some of your best smartphones choices with a price cap of $500.


TIER 1 – ($300 – $500)


Google Nexus 6P – $499


The Google Nexus 6P is arguably one of the best smartphones of 2015, offering a pure stock Android experience, a camera that can outperform most on the smartphone market right now, outstanding front facing speakers, a lightning fast fingerprint sensor and fast charging.

It’s amazing that this device’s price is below the $500 price tag. On Amazon, you’ll probably see it for a bit more, but on the Google Store it’s currently $499.

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Moto X Pure – $399

81PT-O2JkWL._SL1500_This device packs a serious punch with its Snapdragon 808 CPU paired with 3GB Ram. Along with those specs, it sports a 5.7″ Quad HD Display, Micro-SD Card Slot and a 21MP camera.

It’s 100% clear that for the price you’re paying, you’re getting way above what you’d expect for a smartphone of that price range.

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Google Nexus 5X – $349

The Nexus 5X is the Nexus 6P’s little brother. You get all the benefits from the 6P such as the fingerprint sensor, USB-C and latest pure Android experience along with being first in line for updates.

It’s in a smaller form factor and doesn’t sport the aluminum body or the Amoled display that the Nexus 6P does, however, it’s costs substantially less!

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TIER 2 (< $300)


OnePlus X – $249

51h86eHLFnL._SL1000_The OnePlus X is a beautifully crafted device made out of aluminum and glass. It feels extremely solid in the hand and anyone you tell, will definitely doubt it costed you below $300.

It also offers a close to stock Android experience with a few additional customizations while sporting the specifications required for an extremely smooth experience.

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Nexus 5 (2013) – $269

Okay so this one isn’t a new device, but the fact that it runs pure Android makes for a really solid user experience. This Nexus 5 from 2013 is currently running Android Marshmallow with ease while devices launched after it are still waiting for their updates.

It sports more or less equivalent specifications to the OnePlus X from a performance standpoint, and provides and experience that is just as smooth.

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Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) – $179

sim-free-motorola-moto-g-3rd-gen-8gb-black-p54369-300The Moto G is arguably the perfect budget device. It’s at a way lower price than the rest and also offers a pretty unbelievably user experience. Unless you’re throwing graphic intensive tasks at this device or doing extremely heavy gaming, you won’t notice any hiccups.

At this price range, this is the #1 device that I would recommend for sure.

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All the devices listed above were carefully chosen to ensure they would not only be a great performer out of the box, but also with continued use. This is why most are offering a pure unadulterated version of Android. This ensures solid performance throughout your entire experience owning the device and will also keep you first in line when it’s that exciting time for updates!

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