How To Fix ‘Error: Update Package Missing System.img’ with Android N Developer Preview

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Sometimes, as Nexus owners, we can be so excited to flash new Developer Previews of new Android versions and we would like so much if there can be no hiccups. With the release of the Android N’s developer preview, it’s easier than ever since it can be installed as an OTA update.

However, when using the flash-all batch script, sometimes you can come across a problem that reads ‘error: update package missing system.img’ as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.52.19 PM

But, there’s no need to worry since Nexus owners can get around this pretty easily by flashing the files manually. Now while you may attempt to do this, remember that you’ll be doing it at your own risk and I am not liable if anything negative happens to your device.

To bypass the missing system.img error and install everything manually, follow these steps:

[DISCLAIMER: This tutorial assumes you are using Mac OS X. If not, and you understand the way command prompt works, feel free to carry out the commands on Windows. I am not responsible for any negative outcomes of this tutorial.]

1. After extracting the factory image, locate the “” file, which in our case will be “”

2. Extract this zip file to get the following files:

  • Boot.img
  • Cache.img
  • Recovery.img
  • System.img
  • Userdata.img
  • Vendor.img

3. Transfer these .img files into a separate folder along with your Bootloader and Radio image, ADB and Fastboot files. If you don’t have a working ADB and Fastboot setup, click here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.54.24 AM

4. Open ‘Terminal’ and type “cd” [without quotations]. Hit the spacebar, drag the folder with all your files into the terminal window and hit enter. You should now be able to enter “fastboot device” and be shown some numbers along with a Fastboot device to verify that your device is being recognized.

5. From here, type the following:

  • “fastboot flash [drag your Bootloader IMG file here **NOT boot.img**]”, then Hit Enter.
  • “fastboot flash [drag your Radio IMG file here]”, Hit Enter.
  • “fastboot reboot-bootloader”, Hit Enter.
  • “fastboot flash boot [drag Boot IMG file here]”, Hit Enter
  • “fastboot flash cache [drag Cache IMG file here]”, Hit Enter.
  • “fastboot flash recovery [drag Recovery IMG file here]”, Hit Enter.
  • “fastboot flash system [drag System IMG file here]”, Hit Enter.

Wait for the System file to finish flashing. Once done, continue.

  • “fastboot flash userdata [drag Userdata IMG file here]”, Hit Enter.
  • “fastboot flash vendor [drag Vendor IMG file here]”, Hit Enter.

Once done, you have successfully flashed Android N onto your device manually. Now run the following command.

  • “fastboot reboot”

Give it a while and your device should boot up successfully running the developer preview of Android N.


If you found this tutorial useful, be sure to share it around to help others.

Devon Ramdass

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