How To Set Up a WordPress Site with HostGator from Scratch

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Let’s face it, everything is online now and everyone has the necessary means to have their own website. It’s so unbelievably easy to set an entire website up from scratch that you’d wonder what you were waiting for all this time. Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to show you step by step how to build a website from scratch using WordPress, and also drop some awesome HostGator coupon codes for you in a bit!

In this tutorial, we’ll be using WordPress. If you don’t know what WordPress is, it’s a website creation tool and it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system you can find. Whether you would like to set up a blog styled website, project portfolio website, or a static website for a business, there are WordPress themes out there to suit your needs.


Getting Domain and Setting Up Hosting

Personally, I prefer to buy my domains from GoDaddy and then host with Hostgator, for no specific reason other than personal preference. However, you can just as easily get your domain from Hostgator as well to make the process much easier, and for the sake of this tutorial, we’ll do that.

The first step is to head to and click the “Get Started Now” button.

hostgator get started now button

On the next page, you’ll get the options for different plans that HostGator offers. OF the three plans, Hatchling, Baby and Business, I highly recommend you choose the Baby Plan. Reason being, the main difference between the Baby and Hatchling Plan is that you get to host unlimited domains with the Baby Plan whereas you’re limited to 1 with the Hatchling Plan.

Take it from someone with experience, you will most likely want to set up a few other sites after seeing how easy it is to get it up and running.

Depending on your needs, regardless of my suggestion, click the “Sign Up Now” button on whichever plan you decide to choose.

hostgator plans

After choosing your plan, you’ll be led to the next page. Here you have to choose a domain. If you already have one you can hit that option at the top, but since we’re starting from scratch in the tutorial we’ll choose to register a new one.

There’s a little box at the bottom shown in the image below that offers “Domain Privacy Protection”. What this essentially does, is keep all the information about the owner of the domain private. If you don’t care about that, you can uncheck that box since it costs an additional $9.95.


After this, confirming your choice of Plan is pretty straightforward so you just need to fill out the necesary information and choose your preferred billing cycle.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.54.28 AM

Follow along the page to enter your Billing information. This as well is pretty straightforward, so just fill out the boxes and choose your Payment Type. Be sure to enter a valid phone number in case of any need for verification by phone.

There are some additional services offered by HostGator, but to be honest, unless you personally feel that you need it and are willing to spend the extra money for it, just uncheck everything.


Finally, before checking out, you’ll get the option to enter a coupon code. By default, it will have the coupon code “SNAPPYDAY” which will give you 20% off your order. However, for an even better discount, you can use the coupon code T3CH25PERC. If you plan on paying monthly, you can use the code T3CH994OFF to get your first month for $0.01.


Once everything’s done and okay, hit the “Checkout Now” button.

Once you have completed the payment, you will be sent an email with your HostGator cPanel login information. Your cPanel is your control panel for your hosting and basically lets you manage everything from the server side. However, don’t let this intimidate you if you’re not too tech savvy as I’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to do.


Installing WordPress on Website Using cPanel

Now while all of this may sound a bit overwhelming, the actual process of installing WordPress is pretty simple and you hardly ever have to visit the cPanel after that, as everything is controlled and customized with WordPress itself on the actual website.

There are a few ways to install WordPress, the easiest of which, is the QuickInstall method. It will literally take less than 5 minutes to have it up and running.

Firstly, log into your cPanel using the login info received in the email from HostGator after signing up. To get the cPanel page, you should be able to find the link in the email. However, most of the time, should redirect you to it. When you do get to it, feel free to bookmark it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.41.06 PM

Once you’ve successfully logged in, scroll down until you see a category called “Software/Services” and click the QuickInstall icon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.41.33 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.41.33 PM


You will now be redirected to the QuickInstall Page. Scroll down and look on the left hand side to find and click “WordPress” under the Popular Installs section.


You will now be directed to a new page, and here, click the “Install WordPress” button.


Now you can fill out the necessary information to go through with the install.

From the dropdown bar, choose your domain. You should only have 1 option if you’re doing this from scratch. On the right side of the domain, leave this “path” box empty. The reason we leave it empty is because we want WordPress to be installed on the root of the website and not in a subdirectory.

Fill out your email address under “Admin Email” and enter the name of your blog in the “Blog Title” text box. Don’t worry about getting the perfect blog title, since this can be changed later.

The “Admin User” will be the username for your WordPress login so be sure to get the correctly. Make sure to not use the word “admin”!

As for “First Name” and “Last Name”, those should be self explanatory.

Once you’re finished, hit “Install WordPress”.


Let it do its thing, and once it’s finished you’ll see an orange banner at the top saying “Your Install is Complete! Click Here to view your Notifications”


Once you see this, there should be an email waiting for you in your inbox with your WordPress login information. That’s it! WordPress is finished installing. I’m betting it took you longer to read this tutorial than it actually took for you to set up hosting with HostGator and install WordPress.

Head to, and the page should appear where you have to enter the details. Once you enter your login details, you’ll be in. From here you can start writing posts, installing different themes to suit your needs and everything else.

If you’re having any problems, feel free to leave a comment below and if you successfully set up your website and it’s up and running leave it in the comments as well! In addition, you can feel free to hit me up on Twitter @t3smash with any problems, or to show me your website as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and good luck!

If you found this tutorial helpful or useful, you can feel free to share it as much as possible!

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