How To Sync Android Devices with Mac

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The amount of times I’ve heard the statement “I have an iPhone because it syncs better with my Mac” is too many! I personally have a MacBook Pro, Windows computer, Nexus 5, HTC One and iPhone 5S, and guess what? They all sync perfectly. For some people, this post will give them a way to sync all their devices and for some, they just might have to start using another excuse other than “syncing” when explaining why they have an iPhone in an argument.


This post is geared towards owners of iPads, Mac and other apple devices who would like to switch to Android but are afraid of “how well it will sync with their devices” so it should clearly explain how to sync Android devices with Mac.


There are a few main things we are going to be focused on in this post and those a Contacts, Files and Photos.



So you’ve already purchased your Android phone, created a gmail account and signed in to the Play Store. The next thing you need to do is head over to “System Preferences” on your Mac, and then go to “Internet Accounts”. Click the “+” icon at the bottom left, choose Google, and then enter your credentials.

sign in


After signing in, hit the check mark by “Contacts” and that’s it. Every contact you save on your phone from now on, will now also be in your Mac’s address book.

contact book




One thing to note about files is that if you were previously an iPhone user, there was no file manager. However, with Android there is an enormous amount of File Managers that you can download such as ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer etc. With these file explorers you can store ANY format of file regardless of its compatibility with the phone.


The easiest way to sync files is to download Dropbox on both your Android smartphone and Mac. After creating your account and logging in, loading files into the cloud is as easy as drag and drop or clicking the share button on your phone and choosing Dropbox. Any file added to your Dropbox from anywhere, will show up on your Mac and Android smartphone in their respective Dropbox apps.



Photos can also very easily be synced using Dropbox. In the mobile app, hit the menu button then settings. Look for the option that says “Turn on Camera Upload” and hit it. Now every image you capture with your brand new Android smartphone will be automatically synced to your Dropbox and available anywhere with an internet connection.



NOTE: Dropbox is a paid service. However, you get a reasonable amount of storage for free which you can use for this. You can earn more Dropbox storage by completing some of the available tasks on their webpage.


I hope this clears up the whole “syncing” problem for the iPhone users out there who are tempted to make the switch to Android and I also hope that you don’t use “syncing” as an excuse for having an iPhone anymore when you’re in an Android vs iOS argument. 🙂

If there are queries you still have about syncing, or have other solutions than the ones specified here, be sure to leave them in the comments and let me know.



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