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The iPhone 6 is rumored to be released in September 2014, and recently we’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of leaked iPhone 6’s. However, none of those ever seemed “official” and all looked like an unfinished product.

Today though, we see this legit looking image of the iPhone 6 being compared to the iPhone 5. Size-wise, we can see a huge increase which personally I think shouldn’t be so drastic since it’s just moving from 4″ to 4.7″. Overall the device still looks premium and definitely looks like something made by Apple. Whether it be legit or not, let’s take a look at the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5.

This image is the first that shows us a proper look of the iPhone 6 including the logo and writing at the back. The protruding camera is not as welcomed as everything else (assuming this is the actual device) and it looks like they either removed the two-tone flash, or somehow made it into one small circle.

Something people overlook with this image is the color. Whether it be the lighting conditions or something else, this can definitely be a totally different color from the usual Space Grey, Silver, and Gold options we have on the iPhone 5S currently.



This image gives us a look at what the side of the new iPhone 6 can more than likely look like. The volume buttons are redesigned and much more resembles the iPod Touch, which makes it fit into the thinner body more comfortably.



The power button is moved to the right side of the device, allowing easier reach since the entire body of the iPhone 6 will be larger. In this image the problem with the protruding camera sohws itself clearly. It rests on the camera itself causing the phone to not sit flat, and increases the change of the camera body being scratched.


What do you think? How legit does this seem to you? Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments.


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