LG G4 – The Little Things | Hidden Features?

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The LG G4 was released not too long ago, and compared to the rest of flagship offerings currently, there are some subtle aspects added to the device as well as its accessories, aimed to offer a more pleasing user experience to consumers.

These features, as subtle as they might be, really do add a tremendous amount of help during daily use and generally results in a much more seamless experience that you probably wouldn’t even notice you were missing out on, if these features weren’t pointed out.

Can they be taken as LG G4 hidden features or just subtle additions? After learning about them below, you can decide for yourself.


1. Washed out look in direct sunlight.


When using the LG G4 in direct sunlight, the screen gradually shifts into a more washed out mode in a matter of 1-2 seconds. At first, you might think this a negative, but it isn’t. This washed out look makes the text and UI elements much more noticeable in the sunlight as compared to if the screen remained normal.


2. USB Cable Convenience.

lg-g4-charger-t3csmash-videoA current struggle that almost everyone in the Android community goes through, is figuring out which is the correct side to plug in a Micro USB cable, especially those who put their phones on the charger in total darkness right before they go to sleep.

With the LG G4’s USB Cable, there are 3 raised dots on both ends, which quickly and subtly lets you know which is the right side up so you can plug in your device successfully on the first try every time!


3. Smart Settings.

lg-g4-smartsettings-t3chsmash-videoEver went out with your device, turn off Wi-Fi and use mobile data, then return home and start streaming a bunch of Netflix movies and YouTube videos only to realize you’re still on your data since you forgot to turn your Wi-Fi back on? Happened to me already and it definitely sucks.

The LG G4 aims to solve this predicament and also add more functionality by the use of its “Smart Settings”. With these new options, you can configure your device to automatically turn on/off Wi-Fi depending on your location (Home/Not Home), or even make it open a specific application when the headphones are plugged in. This can also prove to be useful for those who use their devices for music when working out, as it eliminates an entire step.


4. Glancable Notifications

lg-g4-notifications-glancable-t3chsmash-videoSwiping down from the top of the display while the LG G4’s screen is locked and off, shows you a quick view of the time as well as your notification icons in the status bar. This doesn’t help you reply to notifications any faster than usual, but it at least lets you know whether you need to dive deeper into the device if there are any unread notifications.



In addition to these, the G4 also allows swiping left and right on the stock keyboard’s spacebar to move the cursor and more. To see all the “little things”, added features and even some hidden features that you might not have noticed, check out the video below.

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