How to Make Money Online (How to make money using the internet?)

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Presently, my main source of income comes from online. There are many ways to make money online such as AdSense, Affiliate links and much more. So in this post, I’ll be sharing some of them with you guys.



1. AdSense

If you own a website you can add AdSense to that websites. It’s FREE to sign up and you can sign up by clicking here. After signing up, you can create different ad units of various sizes and add them to your website. After implementing these ad blocks on your website, you get paid per click from Google, for each click of the ad block. The pay-per-click can vary anywhere from $1US to $15US. This won’t make you a huge chunk of money really unless you have a substantial following.


2. Affiliate Links

In addition to having AdSense on your website, you can also have affiliate links. Affiliate links are links, that when clicked, you get a commission. For example you’ll see a HostGator link, an Amazon Search Widget and some HostGator Promo Codes. These are all affiliate stuff so when used, although there will be no price difference to you on Amazon, I will get a commission of approximately 3%-4% on each item sold.

With the HostGator links and promo codes though, you get a much discounted price than you would have if you went on the website and ordered hosting manually and I would get a bonus for referring new customers. HostGator however, is a very good hosting service and I used them even before I signed up to be an affiliate.

There are a lot of companies that offer affiliate programs and it’s not limited to technology. There are affiliate programs for almost any topic.


3. DSDomination

So what if you don’t have a website? Still no problem. How can you make money online without a website?

DSDomination is a program that costs $19.95US/Month to join. With this membership, you get training on how to use the actual program. How it works, is by teaching you how to use Amazon and Ebay to make a profit on each sale. However, if you get no sales then you’re out $19.95US per month until you make sales. Most people who join though, make a lot more than $19.95US/Month so their membership pays itself. If you are interested you can click here to check it out.


4. Buying/Selling Domain Names

So you know how people buy and sell houses/land? Well…domain names are like property online and there are a lot of people who make a fortune by buying and re-selling domain names. A little example of the kind of money this can make is the domain name which was purchased for a whopping $5.1M, and that’s not even close to the more expensive domain names. However, don’t expect to make this much selling your first domain.


5. UserTesting

When companies are launching new websites, they need it to be tested before releasing and this is where comes in. After signing up, there is a dashboard with available tests and each one you complete, will earn you $10US. This also, will not bring in a chunk of money but its cool for bringing in some extra money.



If you specialize in a certain field, you can become an internet freelancer. Head over to and sign up to start giving potential customers quotes. They can then choose from a list of available people who also gave them quotes and if you’re chosen, you can do the job and collect your payment.



If you are really interested in making money online but you don’t have a website, and you think that programs like DSDomination are risky, I will be doing a video series on how to to build a website from scratch, add AdSense to it and get traffic to your website. This video series will be geared towards complete beginners so ANYONE who is interested can check it out. However, this video series will not be posted on T3CHSMASH’s YouTube Channel because that’s not what T3CHSMASH’s purpose is. The only reason it was posted on this website is because I wanted to share what I know with you guys. If you would like to join this video series, send an email to, with your name and email. The format should be:

NAME: Your Name



Thank you for reading this post and I hope I was of some help to you. If you are interested in this topic and would like to more feel free to leave a comment below.




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  • sid

    hey have you ever considered using adfly?
    If you implement it properly, it would not be annoying to your readers

    • Never really considered it…it seemed too “ad-y” lol..but i’ll definitely check it out and see if I can use it to my benefit without compromising user experience. Thanks!

      • sid

        kool….you can hide the popunders so that readers wouldnt even know….and if you do consider it, help out a man by using the referral link lol


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