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So..Mother’s Day is coming up..and unlike normal people, we tech heads must be different! So why go out and get the normal gifts when we can get our moms tech gifts!..After having this idea, I thoroughly searched the web trying to put together a list of the best and most appropriate list of tech gifts we can get our moms, and have it up here before mother’s day. These are in no specific order but there should be at least one that your mom can enjoy! These are some of the best Mother’s Day Technology Gifts I could come up with.


1. Netflix Subscription


I’m sure those of you who moms are stay-at-home moms will enjoy this a whole lot..actually even if they aren’t this would still be a great gift! My mom is surprisingly tech-enabled and she actually streams content alot! LOL…Getting your mom a Netflix subscription could be the gift she needed. So if you’re deciding to get her a Netflix account or if she currently has one…what’s next?…..


2. Google Chromecast


For $29.99US you simply CANNOT go wrong. If your mom has a smartphone,(mine does) a chromecast will be a very useful gift for her as well as the entire family. Streaming Youtube videos, Netflix videos and music will now be extremely easy and hassle-free, and she will no longer need to be calling you every time she wants a funny YouTube video played on the TV. 🙂


3. iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Although this one is a bit on the expensive side, the Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot DEFINITELY had to make the list. To me, this is the ultimate perfect gift and it really doesn’t need any explanation here because the name is self-explanatory. However, I will still give you a mini description by saying why should she spend all her time cleaning when there’s an automatic vacuum cleaner that exists?. For a video demonstration look below.


4. Digital Photo Frame


We know all moms love photos and they all have photo frames around the house with you and your siblings, (if you have any) but why should those photos be taking up all her space on countertops and space savers? Get her this Digital Photo Frame and she can load all her photos and have them in one location in a slideshow. This specific model includes a motion sensor



5. Digital Camera


What better way to fill that Digital Photo Frame than getting her a Digital Camera also? The best point and shoot camera in my opinion is the Sony RX100MII. Although a bit on the expensive side as well, this camera is definitely worth the price because it takes really awesome photos and sometimes you might not even be able to tell the difference between photos and videos taken from this camera and a DSLR. If this camera is a bit too pricey for you, just check out the related products after clicking the link. There are many available options to suit your price range, however I HIGHLY recommend this one.


6. iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle


If your mom loves music, the iPod Nano is a great idea on a gift to get her for mother’s day. It is small, lightweight, portable and easy to use. Load her favorite music on it and you’re done. If the iPod Nano is too high in price, feel free to also check out the iPod Shuffle which will provide the same functionality but without a screen.


7. Amazon Kindle


Most moms who love reading will appreciate this gift and also find it very useful. The Amazon Kindle is a very handy device and perfect for the moms who love to read and is a little on the technology-enabled side. 🙂



8. Amazon Gift Card


This one is not as techy as the rest, but as a last resort, if none of the rest applies to your mom you can give her an Amazon Gift Card and let her decide what she wants.




Let me know in the comments if you are getting your mom one of the gifts listed here and which one. Even if you aren’t still let me know what you’re getting your mom for mother’s day. 🙂


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