Should We Ridicule the Apple Pencil’s Existence?

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Short Answer – No

Eight years ago when Apple released the original iPhone, it was made clear that the idea of a stylus was a comedic one. The late Steve Jobs spoke a bit on stage and explained his reasoning behind the topic, and it was quite understandable. The best pointing device actually IS the one we walk around with everyday.

However, here we are in 2015 and Apple just announced the Apple Pencil. The first reaction from everyone was to make fun of the concept for many reasons. “They created a product Steve Jobs would hate”, “They followed Samsung’s S-Pen”, “They laughed at the stylus, now they announce one”..and the list goes on. No one blames anyone for these accusations as they all can have a level of truth to them, but in the midst of all these remarks, there is one major factor that went unnoticed.

That is, firstly, Jobs was talking about an entirely different product and era where a stylus was a widely known input means for devices, and secondly, he was making it known that both styluses and portable smart computer screens have been outshined by the new technology introduced with the iPhone. In addition, it was one of the first devices to introduce a capacitive touchscreen as opposed to the well known resistive touchscreens at the time which allowed for the now expected, but then revolutionary, multitouch. No more would you NEED a stylus to interact with your devices. A stylus in those days wasn’t an accessory, but a necessity

Now lets get to why the Apple Pencil even exists in the first place. It’s an accessory for the iPad Pro, which is clearly not a 3.5 inch device with a ppi of less than a potato (I kid, I kid), but a 12.9 inch tablet device with an extremely high resolution display where a more accurate pointing device is a welcomed addition. The fact that it’s tilt and pressure sensitive makes it the perfect tool for artists and anyone who works in the industry where this will be a definite convenience. The iPad Pro paired with this $99 accessory can make a killer combination for even some of the most intensive tasks for someone with the need for it such as the aforementioned artist, someone who works in design and the list can go on for hours.


Before ridiculing the existence of the Apple Pencil, take into consideration why it exists and who it’s made for. It isn’t an accessory that someone should be buying because it has an Apple logo, and then for said person to use it for hitting app icons and scrolling through web pages (although, you can do that if you’s your money..), but it’s for experienced professionals who would greatly appreciate the added precision and convenience that this adds to their workflow.

What’s the verdict? If you feel like you don’t need it, then it’s simple…you don’t. If you like the Apple Pencil, feel free to buy it and use it however you would please, but there’s no legitimate reason to make fun of it. Although, if you do find one, feel free to leave in the comments below.

Devon Ramdass

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