Tech Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

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The christmas season is here again and it’s that time to stress out trying to find gifts for friends and family. While it previously involved walking around all over the place to locate gifts, it’s much easier now since shopping online has become a lot more common. Since you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably more than likely interested in getting a gift for someone who is into tech. After all, who doesn’t have a family member or friend who loves technology?..well..actually.a lot of people don’t…

Regardless, here are some really cool tech christmas gifts to get someone you know who is into technology.


Tech Christmas Gift Ideas


1. Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management

cordiesIf you, or someone has a setup with a lot of cables for any apparent reason, these will definitely be highly appreciated. From the image alone, you can probably tell what they are for. They basically hold the end of your cables in place so they don’t drop down whenever you’re done with them. This is a common problem that even I have to deal with, so for anyone who has mutliple devices, this will be a great stocking stuffer. The best part also, is the price. This nifty little gadget is under $10!

Although it only has four slots, cables can be stacked in each slot, and the weighted base stops it from moving around when removing cables. These are really handy for USB cables, headphones, smartphone chargers and more.

See Pricing and Reviews.


2. Anker Wireless Charger

ankerwlesschargerThere’s no doubt that wireless charging is much easier and more convenient than plugging in your device manually. If you watch the YouTube channel a lot, you’d know that I’m a huge fan of wireless charging and always say that it’s something you’ll never really think you need, until you actually use it.

Any device that is Qi enabled, can make use of this wireless charging pad (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Lumia 920 etc). All you need to do is plug the charger in, and rest your device on it whenever you’d like to charge. We all know what a wireless charger does, but what causes this specific charger to make the list is it’s amazing price of less than $25!

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3. Micro SD Card

microusbbMemory Cards always make, and will always continue to make the list because of just how useful they can be for various different scenarios. Also, around the holidays, there are a lot of deals on Amazon and you might even grab one for cheaper than you’d think.

Many different types of digital cameras, Android smartphones, and random gadgets, all provide a Micro Sd Card slot to make use of some external storage. Currently, you can grab a 32GB Class 10 Sandisk Micro Sd Card for under $20! So if you have a friend with an HTC One M8 or a Galaxy S5, you know what’s a wallet friendly gift to get them this christmas. And let’s face it, they will always have a way to make use of it.

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5. Chromecast

chromecastThe Chromecast made a few lists before, but as a christmas gift, this will be perfect for someone who is into tech. Regardless of whether it’s a female or male, mom or dad, brother or sister, the Chromecast will more than likely make their life a lot easier.

It allows you to stream from Movies, Music, Photos, Netflix and more, directly from your smartphone or tablet. It can even mirror your device onto the TV it’s connected to, allowing you to display your smartphone/tablet’s screen on a large screen which will be perfect for presentations, or even just showing off a new feature.

The Chromecast works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows seamlessly, and it’s easy Plug and Play setup allows it to make use of any TV with an HDMI port. However, note that it will need to be connected to the same WiFi network as the smartphone or tablet you will be streaming from. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive and very useful gift, look no further. The Chromecast can be found for under $35!

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6. Google Cardboard

gcardboardGoogle Cardboard is Google’s solution to virtual reality, at least homemade-ish virtual reality.

While the original Cardboard was only available to those who were at Google I/O 2014, detailed instructions were posted on their website on how to go about making your own. Since then, a lot of manufaturers started making these so that you can just simply buy them and start using it, without the headache of trying to cut and make it yourself.

For less than $30, you can get a Cardboard replica, pre-made with some additions to the original Cardboard (like the headband). The capabilities of this device is very impressive. To see a device made of cardboard doing what this does is nothing short of absolutely amazing.

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7. Moto G 2nd Gen

motog2ndgenWhat!? A smartphone?…yes! The original Moto G was nothing short of impressive for it’s price, and the Moto G 2nd Gen builds upon that concept.

You get a 5″ 720p display, Snapdragon 400 Quad Core CPU clocked at 1.2GHz, 1GB Ram and 16GB Internal Storage. All of this is backed by a 2070mAh battery and runs almost pure Android, which mean updates are almost as quick as the Nexus device.

All of this is available for way under $200! If you’re a parent looking for a gift idea for your kid, or even someone who wants an inexpensive smartphone that performs really well, the Moto G might be something that’s hard to pass up. Definitely take a look at it.

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8. Gift Cards

giftcardamazonxmasIf all else fails and you still don’t know what to get for that friend or family member who’s into tech, nothing can be better than a Gift Card. Whether it be an Amazon Gift Card, PSN Gift Card or XBOX Live Gift Card, it will definitely be put to use.

This way they can buy exactly what they want, without you having to stress out trying to find the perfect gift.


If none of the items on this list appeal to you, or seem like something your family member/friend would be interested in, take a look at the two videos below for some more ideas! The links to those items are in the description of each video.

Good luck and Happy Holidays! 🙂

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