You Thought Google Fiber Was Fast? – Welcome to ESNet

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Here in Trinidad and Tobago, most people are using 10-30mbps and it’s relatively usable most of the time, but what do we consider as “fast” internet? Sure, someone coming from a dial-up connection would consider 10mbps to be “fast” internet, but everyone who already has it wouldn’t mind going a bit faster. What would be faster for us? 100mbps and above?


In comes Google Fiber! Google Fiber hits almost 1Gbps. At the time of launch, Google Fiber was only available in Kansas City so those who live there are pretty lucky. Imagine having 1000Mbps down and 1000Mbps up…that’s just plain awesome…but what about those users of Google Fiber – you think they ever think of “going faster”? And even if they did, is that even possible?


In comes a Shadow Network with 91Gbps transfer speeds. That was not a typo, again, 91Gbps! This private connection is known as ESNet (Energy Science Network), and is supervised by the U.S Department of Energy. Regular commercially available hardware is used to design this network and while this company is not an Internet Service Provider to the public, just knowing that they can achieve this speed is no less than amazing.

This same company, if you thought that 91Gbps was awesome, is currently working on achieving 400Gbps using the exact infrastructure on which they achieved 91Gbps. Does this mean that they will utilize their 400Gbps and ISP’s will start picking up that 91Gbps trend? Oh well…dreams will be dreams..(hopefully not)


While these are great speeds and far above our speeds here in Trinidad and Tobago, is it needed for normal users like us? Of course, if you’re a YouTuber you can surely make use of that 1000Mbps+, but what else can us normal users use Google Fiber or ESNet speeds to do? Let us know in the comments below.



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