Top 10 YouTube Tech Channels You Should Be Watching

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T3CHSMASH was mostly inspired by a really awesome YouTuber called MKBHD. Along with MKBHD, are a lot of other really cool YouTubers that you should stay up to date with if you want to keep up on the latest news, reviews and other stuff related to technology. So…

Here are the Top 10 YouTube Tech Channels You Should Be Watching (In no specific order)

1. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

MKBHD is one of the most well known tech YouTubers and he provides quality content at its best. There isn’t a video that you leave without learning something new and his camera work and quality is extremely professional. If you want the best quality content in a few minutes per video, be sure to click on the link above and hit subscribe.


2. Austin Evans

The content provided by Austin Evans is more focused on gaming pc builds such as budget gaming pc builds, high end builds and you can expect to find a lot of information concerning ANY GPU in existence on this channel. Although mainly focused on gaming pc’s, this channel also consists of a few phone reviews and other cool stuff. Be sure to check it out by hitting the link above.


3. Unbox Therapy

This YouTube channel’s name is pretty much self explanatory. Everything here is strictly unboxing and stripping products of their packaging. If you love looking at YouTube videos in high quality, this is another channel you should be subscribed to, in addition to MKBHD and Austin Evans as all of their videos are done professionally with great camera quality and work. Unbox Therapy also has a website which you can check out here.


4. PocketNow

PocketNow does reviews of basically EVERY smartphone in existence to date. Xperia Z2, HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, Oppo Find 7, One Plus One and the rest. In addition to reviews of these phones, there are also comparisons between almost all the phones, so if you’re in a bit of a dilemma on deciding what phone to get, there’s a 99% chance PocketNow has a comparison on the two main phones you’re considering. In addition to reviews and comparisons, there are other types of videos such as PocketNow Daily, Hangouts etc. Once subscribed to this channel you are 100% sure to be up to date with new technology the same day it arrives. PocketNow also has a website that you can check out here.


5. SoldierKnowsBest

This is another YouTube channel that consists of high quality video as well as content. SoldierKnowsBest always gives a totally honest review on every device he reviews. In addition to reviews, there are a lot of giveaways on his channel so be sure to check it out by clicking the link above.


6. TechSmartt

No, not a typo. The name of the channel is TechSmartt and it is definitely, hands down one of the tech channels with the best camera work compared to the rest. Camera quality is high, and so is the content. This channel goes more into drop tests, scratch tests, top 25’s and also some device reviews. Another great point here is that videos are uploaded very often. Techsmartt also has a website that you can check out by clicking here.


7. Android Authority

Android Authority is another tech channel that provides content on a more regular basis than the others. However, you will find more generalized content here, so expect a mixture of all the channels above in here. Comparisons, reviews, Top 25’s, tips and tricks etc. Feel free to check our their website also by clicking here.


8. TechnoBuffalo

This is more or less the typical YouTube tech channel and it is also one of those with good camera work and quality. This channel also provides content on a regular basis and is very interesting to look at. This channel was one of the main influences that helped me when I was making the decision to go with either the HTC One M7 or the iPhone 5 at that time.


9. FlossyCarter

Flossy Carter is definitely a more laid back, cool YouTube tech channel. He unboxes and reviews devices while giving you his 100% honest opinion on every single item that a video is made on. You get a review as though you asked someone right in front of you about a phone and they reply. No fancy camera pans and angles, just straight to the point and gives you what you came to get. You will definitely see content on this channel that you won’t on the rest such as cases and accessories that you probably didn’t know about.


10. TechRax

So us techies are not required to watch reviews 100% of the time. So normal people look at prank videos and funny videos..what do we do? We watch TechRax! You are GUARANTEED to get a good laugh from every single one of his videos and they are all based on tech. Want to see how to quickly and easily change the color of your iPhone 5 for cheap? Go ahead…click that link above and search it on his channel.


11. Bonus Channel (T3CHSMASH)

My channel is called T3CHSMASH of course, and I produce as much high quality content as I can, generally based around consumer electronics. I’m a huge fan of cinematography and videography, so you can expect to see a lot of that in the way I produce my videos. Feel free to check the channel out at Example video below.

If there’s any channel that you think was left out here, feel free to leave it in the comments below and also let me know which of these channels listed here were you already subscribed to.

You may now go subscribe to ALL listed above….


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  • Tyrell Johan Branche

    tek syndicate – very good reviews on all things tech, and they also address a lot of real life issues on their podcast. you should check em out.
    Also, the neweggTV channel… informative AND entertaining

    • Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. I will

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  • Cornfield Leon

    404 LinusTechTips not found.

    • Sorry…lol. Will do an updated version with more channels…there are so many tech channels we can’t narrow them down 🙂

      • Cornfield Leon

        It’s okay mayynee but like how can you not know about Linus he’s like the Canadian God of Techchannelsmayne. XD

        • Haha..I do know him..but only recently..after this post was done.

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  • Tenicia Daniels

    Flossy Carter is awesome!

  • Wow normally I find someone new every time I find these lists, but I
    have actually heard of all of these youtubers already lol! I thought you
    were going to mention that guy who bought youtube subscribers from but I’m glad you didn’t! He doesn’t deserve to be on any list if he’s going to be faking his channel like that.!

  • Edgar

    All channels mostly about smartphones… Why I’ll should be watching which smartphone is better,when I have one working?

  • Marcin Jankowski

    TechCat is missing on the list 😉 Fresh one!

  • Belen Jorosa

    Creative discussion . Speaking of which , if you needs to merge two PDF files , my friend saw a service here

  • Sheikh Rehab

    hoooo.. Linus tech tips, Bitwit, Pauls Hardware, Tech Source unavailable in list..

  • ThaBaldAvenger

    Flossy Carter has the best reviews

  • ThaBaldAvenger

    Flossy Carter definitely one of the best

  • SteveYuchen Li


  • SteveYuchen Li

    Linus Tech Tips > TechRax


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