Top 5 Tech Failures of 2014

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2014 brought us a lot of new and cool tech ranging from accessories, all the way up to smartphones, tablets, 5K iMacs and more. However, some tech in 2014 were a lot better than some. These are the top 5 Tech Failures of 2014.


Amazon Fire Phone

The hype for the amazon Fire Phone was extraordinary, but so was the disappointment. The Firefly feature and implementation was impressive, but the phone itself had a 3D-gimmicky 720p display which can be considered low res when compared to the competition right now.

In addition, Most of everything that was special about the phone, could have easily been built and implemented into it’s Amazon app. A phone was basically a bit unecessary for what Amazon was aiming for, and being overpriced didn’t help the situation very much.


The Sony Hack

If you are one of those lucky people who got an Xbox One or PS4 for this christmas, then you’re one of the unlucky people… :/… The Playstation Network was taken down with a DDoS attack around christmas time. For me personally, it was unavailable all throughout christmas day.

A lot of personal information about celebrities , movie scripts and even embarassing emails were leaked after the hack. It’s alleged that the hack originated in North Korea because they didn’t want Sony to release the movie “The Interview”, although it can just as easily be a marketing scheme.



A few days after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were launched, bendgate became sort of a trend all over the internet since a few iPhone 6 Plus units were bent in people’s pockets.

If you didn’t see my video from a while back on this specific topic, feel free to take a look at it below, but basically any sheet of aluminum this thin, and this large, is bound to bend. However, a simple case fixes the problem.


iOS 8.0.1 Update

Although iOS and iPhones are well known for their reliability and stability, the iOS 8.0.1 update caused a lot of iPhones to lose cell service, as well as TouchID. It basically rendered them somewhat unusable, and trying to downgrade to the previous version of iOS even made it worse.

However, a fix was released within a few days that quickly resolved most of the problems people were having. 


iPad Mini 3

This has to be one of the biggest fails in my opinion. The iPad mini 3 is basically an iPad Mini 2 with TouchID that also comes in a gold option, and costs $100 more than the new price of the iPad Mini 2.

You’re basically paying $100 for TouchID, and unless this is essential to you and your personal use, it won’t have much of a difference when comparing it to the experience of the iPad Mini 2.


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