Touchwiz Minus Bloatware on the Galaxy S6?

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The competition is growing in the mobile industry, and with other manufacturers catching up as well as surpassing Samsung in sales, they seem to be taking drastic measures to ensure their success. In addition to the current reports that the Galaxy S6 will be built using more premium materials (aluminum and glass), new reports also claim that the Galaxy S6 will have no bloatware, or at least a lot less than the Galaxy S5.

As an Android user who prefers stock Android, the difference in performance between stock Android and Touchwiz is highly noticeable, and it’s good to see Samsung take note of this (no pun intended), and try to optimize their software a bit more. While there isn’t a lot of information, it’s said that Samsung is removing all their additional applications from the device and making them available for download.

IMG Source: Phandroid

IMG Source: Phandroid

Features that are usually built into the Operating System such as MultiWindow, Air View and Quickglance will probably still be there, and so will the design and aesthetics of Touchwiz. However, the bloatware that takes the form of applications like WatchOn and ChatOn can easily be made user downloadable without hindering the functionality of the device.

I think this is way overdue, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. The next step I would like to see is the Touchwiz lag itself (when opening system applications) be removed. I’ve been the owner of both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, but then I decided to move away from Touchwiz and head for stock Android due to performance.

With this new de-bloated Touchwiz and a new premium build quality, this could be the best thing that ever happened to Samsung!

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